The Mast' hails from Rome, Italy.

 Enjoy delicious mozzarella that is made fresh daily.

Hailing from Rome, Italy

The Mast’ is a one-of-a-kind Italian restaurant

Located at the brand new Frasers Tower

in-house-made cheese



It happens, we Campanians, going around the world, to feel the lack of something good, of the snack, of the fast, fresh dish par excellence: of mozzarella! In some cirocostanze it is also possible to find: cold, stowed in long refrigerated counters of supermarkets that ignore what is the true taste of the qualitative product and certainly the real temperature of service! It is from this simple consideration that the idea of ​​creating shops that can offer the freshly made product, pure or accompanied by a series of products, ideal companions of snacks, is born!


A production laboratory, a delicatessen, a bistro, a cheese bar, a wine bar: all these realities collaborate to create our idea, wanted by a wide group of professionals.

Our team is made of: Designer, marketing manager, food&beverage manager, visual merchandiser, sommelier, chef.

In 2015 this equip transformed our idea into reality, choosing Rome as first location of the zero point.

In the next few months, a second shop was born in the Capital. We wanted a simple, univocal and clear brand: Mozzarella&co.


The careful selection of the raw material (the milk is in fact coming from farms located in the Valley of the Temples of Paestum, an area of ​​cultural interest and always voted for the climatic characteristics and the terrain of buffalo breeding), combined with the wisdom of Our staff gives the product basket a superior quality: mozzarella, burrata, stuffed burrata, stracciatella and smoked provola are produced daily respecting high standards, in order to return the expected high quality to the final consumer. The heart of the activity is the small compact machine, a newfound technology capable of producing 6 kg of mozzarella in just a few minutes, simple and installable in any place thanks to its high portability: I see it, taste it, I'm buying it!



Our mozzarella is always fresh! So, we ask why don’t let the people try it “sic et simpliciter”, just like it is. We also do take-away, served in a practical box which conserves the original taste.



Our pastry is refined and researched, born by high quality products and by the hands of a famous pastry-chef, who has created an “ad hoc” product for us.

But Milk is the real product that makes our croissant amazing: we suggest you to taste them hot, just baked. Our offer ends with some mixes of coffee, that generate an unmistakable taste.


Haste makes waste, we know. Mozzarella & Co offers a “ad hoc” menu’, which consume could last as little time as possible.

The offers of junk food are increasing: mens sana in corpore sano!The salads, dressed with extra-virgin olive oil, the greens and many others dishes, even if eaten quickly, make the rest of the day “light”.


Dave on who tells that Mozzarella is a difficult to digest! Our secret is always the same: high quality!

Through a blend of ancient flour, combined with a long leavening and a search for excellent raw material, our mozzarella finds one perfect partnership.

Our pizza, currently cooked, becomes a great excuse for lunch and, why not, for a persistent languor!


When a hard working day is over, you deserve a prize!

The cutlery of carefully selected cured meats among the most prominent farms, our pizza and our Mozzarella, accompanied by a good glass of wine of our national selection, will surely make your return more enjoyable!


Don’t forget it! Mozzarella & Co is a shop: all the products we use to make our dishes, such as Mozzarella, salami, cheese, conserve or wine, can be also bought as takeaway!

The important dinner, the different lunch: we are always on the tables of the people who look for the high quality!

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